Where is Body by Denise located?

Body by Denise is located in the Rochdale Village Community Center Ballroom at 169-65 137th Avenue in Jamaica, New York 11434. VIEW MAP

When are classes held?

Classes are usually held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, please refer to the MONTHLY CALENDAR

What is the impact level of this group fitness class?

This class is geared to accommodate all levels of group fitness. As we say in BBD, "There's a place for every pace, and a row for every pro".

What type of group fitness class is this?

BBD is a total body workout that consists of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and overall body toning and sculpting.

What do I wear and what should I bring to the class?

Wear comfortable workout attire consisting of shorts, t-shirt, or any aerobic dance gear and sneakers. Be sure to bring an exercise mat and towel.

What makes this class different from other group fitness classes?

Not only does BBD provide a complete workout, we also motivate, encourage, and support each other before, during, and after each workout. This helps us stay focused on our fitness goals.

Is Denise really as tough as they say?

Yes. Denise is as tough as you need her to be in order for you to accomplish your goals.

How effective is this class?

Just ask our clients

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