" Denise is the best aerobics instructor in the world. I have lost over 30 pounds in ten weeks. Denise supports other community organizations including dance schools, track and field, and so many more. She inspires, motivates and charges us to be the best we can.

" Myself and 2 daughters attend her class. She has changed our life. I am healthier, more fit than I have ever been. I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 2 and 55 years old but I feel 35! "
- Gloria Black

" The blessing of observing this class in action, while waiting for a girlfriend of mine, has motivated me to take THIS class ASAP! I WILL be in class THIS EVENING! I CAN'T WAIT! "
- Terry-Arlene Marshall

" Thanks Denise for a great class last night! Your workouts are always spontaneous & innovative! "
- Stacey Francis

" THE BEST FITNESS PROGRAM in existence! "
- Jetaun Morgan

" I started my first class on Monday, May 3rd. Twelve days later, I fit comfortably into pants that I could not zip up nor button up. Thank you Denise! "
Marvalett Traill

" How so very positive and inspiring is BBD. The World would be a better place if there were more people like the people of BBD. Thank you Denise for showing us that it's about healthy body, mind and spirit. They all go together. We support each other in BBD! " - Cori Harris

" I am a beginner in the class and I am pumped right now. Once upon a time I thought that I had found the perfect arobic class... boy was I wrong!!

" Denise I am sure you have the perfect arobic class.I love this class. Never have I ever been this excited about working out. I cant beleve it. Iam telling everyone I know about your class Densie. I say to them just come see for yourself and they are! "
- Nicole Bourne

" Just started BBD a couple weeks now and must say I found my new love. There Is so much energy in this class and the people are helpful and friendly. "
- Toni Broome

" Today I celebrated my 3rd Year Anniversary with BBD! Thank you Denise for educating me on Nutrition and Fitness. 3 years later I am knowlegdable of how my body works and what my body needs to be healthy! And my BODY is BY DENISE ! " - Nakisha Ross

" I love the fun, family atmosphere at BBD. I just started coming to the workouts and I love the encouragement to keep going that everyone give to each other and I feel it as well. "
- Keisha Rawlins

" The best aerobic/bootcamp workout I've ever seen! "
- Terry-Arlene Marshall

" I will have my third class tonight. I am excited about it. I LOVE the class and the energy. I think... NO I know I will be there long term! "
- Tamara McCallum

" Denise is a Phenomenal Woman!!!!I have lost 65 pounds+ for the second time during all the years that I have been with BBD-- You can do it too! "
- Jocelyn Tramel-Samuel

" For the first time in over 15 years, I finally made it under the 200lb mark. Thank you Denise. Next goal is to get off the high blood pressure pills by the summer. "
- Laurie Moon

" Body By Denise is a no nonesense training workout that is designed to help you lose weight the right way and keep it off. There's no workout like a BBD workout.

" eople flock from all 5 boroughs and other states to attend this workout, so come check it out you have no idea what you're missing. Come have some fun and lose weight in the process "
- Murissa Jack-Davis

" It's the best workout class you can ever take in the whole wide world. If you haven't tried her class you need to. You never lose so much weight until you have been to Body By Denise. "
- Amanda VonAckbersingh

" I experienced my first class tonight... fantastic work out... I am addicted ! "
- Jewell Brabham Black

" Thanks to Denise I have lost 72 pounds in 6 1/2 months. I love her and all my Team Tost members. I am excited for the rest of my journey to reach my final Goal. If you want to lose weight BBD is the place to be. Work out is on point! "
- Laneda Mondesir

"I have seen a LOT of early morning and late night infomercials with weight loss dvd's, and i'm telling you BBD would outsell all of them. "
- Cynthia Young

" I need to stock up on tiger balm for hell week because I'm sore from no mercy week but I lost 2lbs from today's workout! Bring it on "
- Murissa Jack-Davis

" There is no other fitness trainer who can motivate you, and get you to your maximum fitness level like Denise can. She really cares about you. "Body By Denise" is the only addiction you should ever have. "
- Kerri McCall

" Thanks to Denise and her hard core workout sessions, this is just what my body needed. My advice to anyone looking for that motivation that Denise gives you is to get moving and and come for a BBD challenge.

" Denise always says, challenge yourslef, push further than you think you can go and DON'T QUIT. Thank you Denise for making me look good again."
- Jennifer La-Croix

" What keeps me excited about BBD is not just the phenomenal work out but the eneregy and love Denise puts into every single class and aevery single student under her watchful eye, myself included.

" BBD is built upon a foundation of love, caring, discipline, work ethic and understanding. The energy I pull from the class is always positive and that's why I not only attend but recommend this class to anyone trying to reach and maintain a healthy living situation. "

" Denise not only gives her clients a good work out, she provides instruction on proper nutrition , maintaining correct form while exercising and will also push her clients to achieve their maximum fitness level. "
- Caryn Selby

" We are all here for the same thing - RESULTS. We've been Bodied By Denise. "
- Shambet Benton

" As a former collegiate athlete, I was looking for a workout class with a challenging intensity.

" I had been to many aerobics clases. Some were boring, some were very impersonal and some were okay but you saw no results. But Body By Denise was everything these were not!

" Denise challenges you at whatever level you are. This is what leads to positive results! "
- Rashida

" Phenomenal.
The best in New York. "
- MIchelle Smith

" Body By Denise is a Intense not your Ordinary Group Fitness Class. Come prepared to be PUSHED and Challenged!

" Our great Instructor Denise Warren pushes us to do not what we want to do but to do what she knows we can do. That is why I went from 254 lbs to 153 lbs. From a size 20 to a 6! "
- Nakisha Ross

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